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  71. Former attorney general describes break with Trump on election fraud "It was all bull
  72. Covid-19 'is becoming a pandemic of the unvaccinated
  73. Fox news has its come to Jesus moment
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  75. Finally a Republican gets to the guts of Vaccinations
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  88. Ivanka Trump 'Incriminated' Her Father
  89. More bullshit that is cluttering the football forum.
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  91. Chad Kelly Signs with the Toronto Argonauts
  92. Governor: Texas gunman said he was going to shoot up school
  93. Shit gets real for Donnie
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  96. What It Will Take to Lower These Nutso Gas Prices
  97. Alex Jones: never about the truth
  98. ‘Trump Bears Responsibility For The Mayhem’: Murdoch Papers Hit Trump with Pair of Br
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  100. Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine signs law to arm teachers with 24 hours of training
  101. Its always about money
  102. January 6 hearing will show Trump pressure campaign on Pence
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  105. Trump lunged at Secret Service agent who said he couldn't go to Capitol on January 6:
  106. NATO's Stoltenberg says alliance inviting Finland and Sweden to become members is "hi
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  108. Just call it slavery, and say its wrong
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  110. Mass Shooting at Fourth of July Parade (Highland Park, Illinois)
  111. Colt Freaks Posters We Haven't Heard from in a While
  112. Every Episode from "Tales from the Darkside" (1983-1988)
  113. Jim Thorpe reinstated as sole winner of 1912 Olympic decathlon and pentathlon by IOC
  114. new vaccines aim to put the brakes on Covid-19 spread
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  118. Jackie Robinson's Widow is 100 Years Old
  119. Senators announce bipartisan bills to stop candidates from stealing elections
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  121. Biden has covid!
  122. The Seattle Mariners' 14-Game Winning Streak
  123. The 1919 Black Sox Scandal
  124. This will never get old
  125. WHO declares monkeypox a public health emergency
  126. Why does Jaff not reply to direct questions like us conservatives do?
  127. | Why Rupert Murdoch Is Finally Done with Donald Trump
  128. Polio has resurfaced in the US.
  129. Rokita sued for defamation by IU doctor
  130. Longtime HIV patient is effectively cured
  131. Hunter Biden had a high-end income and lavish lifestyle
  132. DC mayor wants National Guard for illegals now.
  133. Jon Stewart Expertly Trolls Fox News Viewers While on Fox News
  134. Bill Russell passes 88/yrs old
  135. U.S. kills Al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahri in drone strike: Sources
  136. Former FBI official says Matt Gaetz and Roger Stone know they're 'screwed' without Tr
  137. Vin Scully passed away
  138. Karma justhit Alex Jones between the eyes
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  140. Republicans vote no on insulin cap
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