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Insider: What the Colts want in a quarterback

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The NFL draft cycle kicks off this week, and the Colts could pick a quarterback for the first time s...

NFL Draft 2020: Mocks say it's pass rusher or receiver for the Colts

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Indianapolis Colts are scheduled to pick 13th in the first round of April's NFL Draft, which will be...

Colts' Marcus Brady is 1 of 2 black QB coaches: 'It's something that needs to be addr

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Brady, who was hired out of the CFL, holds a coveted spot in a coaching pipeline that is overwhelmin...

Insider: Chase McLaughlin has a chance to be Colts' kicker of the future

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McLaughlin made 5 of 6 field goals in Indianapolis, 18 of 23 overall as a rookie and all 26 of his e...

Kenny Moore's brilliance, importance illustrate Colts' need to find better backup nic

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Moore made 61 tackles, 2.5 sacks and two interceptions in 11 games, and the Colts had a "major drop-...

Colts lose defensive line coach Mike Phair to Carolina

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Phair left to join new Panthers defensive coordinator Phil Snow, who gave Phair his first job in coa...

Colts assistant GM Ed Dodds turns down interview with Cleveland Browns

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The Colts had granted a Browns request to interview Dodds for their GM opening, but Cleveland hired ...

When the Colts gave up on a perfect season

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Colts fans were hoping the Colts would achieve a perfect season by defeating the Jets on Dec. 27, 20...

Salary Cap Update - 08 March 2017

Posted By: sherck

$167.000m = NFL 2017 Salary Cap
  $006.614m = 2016 Unused 2016 Colts Cap
  $173.614m = 2017 Colts Salary Cap
  $114.292m = Current Top 51 Player Cap Hits
  $001.080m = Adding players #52 and #53 to Player Cap Hits
  $006.224m = Estimated 2017 Colts Draft Pool Cap Hits
  $001.376m = Dead Money
  $001.224m = Practice Squad ($7,200 per week x 10 players x 17 weeks)
  $124.196m = Current Cap Obligations
  $49.418m Free Cap Space
  Need to take away about $3.000m for in-season "churn" space for when a player goes on IR and a player from the practice squad is "brought up" to the active roster.
  We don't yet know the structure of Jack Doyle's new contract. If we assume that it is pretty straight line, then subtract $6.333m in available cap space.
  [COLOR="Green"][SIZE="5"]$40.085m[/SIZE][/COLOR] in Free Cap Space to sign new free agents.
  Go get em, Ballard!
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