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Colts coaches Frank Reich and Nick Sirianni beat Alabama RB Josh Jacobs in HORSE

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Colts coaches Frank Reich and Nick Sirianni beat Alabama RB Josh Jacobs in HORSE[URL="

Colts draft preview: Ballard still looking for safety help despite veteran depth at p

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The Colts have four safeties who have experience as a starter for a full season, but Indianapolis ca...

Colts draft preview: Cornerback is a critical need

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Finding cornerbacks who can make an immediate impact in the Tampa-2-inspired system Matt Eberflus ha...

Why Jim Irsay spent $2.4 million on a manuscript with pencil scrawls in the margins

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Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay bought a historic AA manuscript for $2.4 million. Thursday it wil...

Click to watch Andrew Luck unveil the Colts' schedule but make sure you stay unt

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Colts quarterback Andrew Luck provides fascinating facts about the cities he will face this season[U...

Quarterbacks the Colts are scheduled to face in 2019

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Indianapolis Colts 2019 schedule is released. Here are the current starting quarterbacks for their o...

2019 Colts schedule: Indy will see Chiefs, Saints in prime time

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After a season in which they often played early games, the Colts will play several night games[URL="...

Draft preview: Darius Leonard, Anthony Walker give Colts promising tandem at lineback

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Leonard and Walker were the only two Colts linebackers to play more than 20 percent of the team&rsqu...

Salary Cap Update - 08 March 2017

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$167.000m = NFL 2017 Salary Cap
  $006.614m = 2016 Unused 2016 Colts Cap
  $173.614m = 2017 Colts Salary Cap
  $114.292m = Current Top 51 Player Cap Hits
  $001.080m = Adding players #52 and #53 to Player Cap Hits
  $006.224m = Estimated 2017 Colts Draft Pool Cap Hits
  $001.376m = Dead Money
  $001.224m = Practice Squad ($7,200 per week x 10 players x 17 weeks)
  $124.196m = Current Cap Obligations
  $49.418m Free Cap Space
  Need to take away about $3.000m for in-season "churn" space for when a player goes on IR and a player from the practice squad is "brought up" to the active roster.
  We don't yet know the structure of Jack Doyle's new contract. If we assume that it is pretty straight line, then subtract $6.333m in available cap space.
  [COLOR="Green"][SIZE="5"]$40.085m[/SIZE][/COLOR] in Free Cap Space to sign new free agents.
  Go get em, Ballard!
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