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Originally Posted by JAFF View Post
He couldn't extend Faulk. Faulk wanted to be the focus, and that's not how that offense needed to be run. Faulk would take too many negative plays trying to bust the big one, while Edge would go get 3 yards to keep things moving forward. Edge didnt get pissy if Manning would pull the ball on play action and throw deep to Marvin.
I don't recall it that way. Faulk wanted to renegotiate his contract and stated that he would hold out to get it, like Emmet Smith did. Polian just wouldn't deal with that attitude and shipped him off for very cheap. In his last year with the Colts, he rushed for over 1,300 yards and had over 900 yards receiving. He was only 25 years old. Had they kept him, then traded with Ditka for a shit load of draft choices, I believe they could have become dominant within 2 years. I loved Edge, but he's one man, and he didn't play defense.
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