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Originally Posted by JAFF View Post
He couldn't extend Faulk. Faulk wanted to be the focus, and that's not how that offense needed to be run. Faulk would take too many negative plays trying to bust the big one, while Edge would go get 3 yards to keep things moving forward. Edge didnt get pissy if Manning would pull the ball on play action and throw deep to Marvin.
I don't remember Faulk being a problem, but being over 20 years ago you could be right. I did read recently that BP said he really wanted to keep Faulk and draft Champ Bailey, but that Faulk was going to hold out for a new contract and BP wouldn't be able to make that work with the Colts cap situation. Of course we spent a ton reloading in FA that year and Edge got a big rookie deal as well, so that could be selective memory on BP's part.
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