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Originally Posted by Chromeburn View Post
I think it was just that he flashed something at DE. I expect he will see some snaps at LB. Also see him as a candidate that will drop into coverage and the flat at times. Ballard just did an interview talking about all the versatile players they wanted. When they drafted Quincy Wilson they didn't realize how football smart he was and they had him at 5 different positions his rookie year. Because the rosters are so limited numbers-wise they wanted guys that could cover multiple positions if there is an emergency on game day. He also talked about how the defensive scheme is simple, but also predicated on deception. And having guys that can play multiple positions adds to that deception.
Just tossing this out. Leonard had a few sacks on the blitz. They have his clone one the other side. More fun and games with the zone blitz?
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