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Originally Posted by Chaka View Post
Taking two QBs at 1 and 4 would be crazy and undeniably bold, and open Cleveland to further ridicule. However, there might be some kind of weird logic to it - maximize your chance to land a top QB, which will set you up for contending for the next 10+ years. Trade the other guy. This article points out that Dallas kinda did this in 1989 with Troy Aikman (1st overall pick) and Steve Walsh (supplemental 1st round pick):

I realize it's not as simple as 2 QB prospects are better than 1. Who knows what it would do to the psychology of the two QBs, and would you reduce the chance of either excelling by having both of them there? Would they refuse to sign? That would be crazy and interesting.
2 of those QBs out of the top 4 are going to fail. Thatís just the odds. You would increase your chances of getting a good one. However I think this is as likely as them taking two non QBs. Say Barkley and Chubb or Nelson. They have passed on QBs before, but really, when it comes to QBs. You just keep taking them till you get the right one.
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