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Originally Posted by Dam8610 View Post
My theory for a while now has been that they're looking at Barkley at 1. If they think Barkley is the best player in the class (and there's an argument to be made there), they could be evaluating all of the QBs. If there are 3 that they like relatively equally, taking the best player and then getting your QB might make more sense. Barkley at 1 is also the best possible outcome for the Colts, as it leaves a minimum of 3 of the top 4 QBs on the board at 3, and gives them a good chance of trading down to 5 or 6 and get Chubb.
yeah looks like (to me) they are going barkley #1 and see which QBs are at 4. There doesnt seem to be one consensus standout QB.
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