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Originally Posted by AlwaysSunnyinIndy View Post
Look - I didn't scold you to get a vaccine. I didn't shame you to get a vaccine.

The only thing I did was correct a statement that you had made as a "fact" that was clearly, clearly wrong. I mean, do you even play the lottery? It doesn't appear that you know how bad the odds are to win a lottery jackpot.

I have had multiple family members that caught COVID-19 and died from the virus.

I guess that makes me "dumb" or "weak" according to your comments.
Died from Covid, or died with Covid? Big difference. For fucks sake if you fell off your roof and broke your neck, but had Covid they listed it as Covid death. I am going with the latter. If you're weak that is on you. I don't know you, so your health means shit to me. My lunch is more important than you.
Life is hard, its harder if you're stupid.
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