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Originally Posted by smitty46953 View Post
Yesterday our President and First Lady tested positive for COVID-19 and Iíve read the most abhorrent, hateful comments, many from people Iím ďfriendsĒ with, laughing and saying they deserve it. If this is how you reacted, or how you feel, you need to check your heart, as you might be part of the problem we are experiencing in this country right now. Sure, youíre going to argue itís his fault for being so horrible. Itís okay because of who he is or what he believes. Wrong. Absolutely wrong. If you fight hate with the very same hate you think youíre fighting, you need to look deep and realize you are the problem, not the solution. Our country has a problem and itís name is not Donald Trump. Itís a heart and soul problem and itís been going on way longer than 4 years. Itís taken us to the depth of immorality we are experiencing. If you donít like your leaders, your vote is your voice, use it. But donít spread hate and ugliness over social media. Our children are watching and listening. A president will come and go but the cancer of public ugliness will continue to grow with each child that is taught itís okay to post horrible things on social media. Please look deep and think about the way youíre behaving. Learn to love your neighbor, even if you disagree with them. Find empathy for people who are sick or who are experiencing loss, even if you disagree with them. Find your humanity friends, our future is depending on you.

Well stated Smitty!
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