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Originally Posted by Colts And Orioles View Post

STEPHEN A. SMITH ) made an interesting point ........ Bill Belichick benched Malcolm Butler in the Super Bowl for some stick-up-his-ass reason, but now he is going to bring Josh Gordon on board the Patriot family ???


Originally Posted by Butter View Post

Sure, but that is assuming he will not do the same if Gordon is a fucktard. They have a history of picking up problem players cheap and giving them a go.


I think that he will do the same with Gordon if he screws up, also ........ but it seems pretty extreme (and somewhat hypocritical) to give somebody who has been suspended as many times as Gordon has been in his career a look at all, when somebody who has been as solid a player and citizen (in the football sense) as Butler has been gets benched in the biggest annual football game in the world for a single, much smaller transgression.

"I'm going to bench you for the Super Bowl if you are late to a meeting, or if you miss curfew ........ but I'm going to give the biggest NFL headcase in recent memory (who has missed more time in suspensions than he has played in his 6-year NFL career between 2012 and 2017) a look to see if he can behave himself and contribute positively toward the team and its chemistry."


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