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Originally Posted by albany ed View Post
There are a few things to like about JB, and a little bit to hope he can improve. So far this year, he's kept the INTs down, (Luck was always good for 1 or 2 a game). He's learned to throw the ball away and not force passes when the coverage is superior. He's got a very strong arm. He's improving as the season goes on.

Some things I see that need improvement but can and will be improved. His touch on the quick short passes. His ability to go through his progressions. His ability to come to the line and see the weak point in the D and audible.

The one thing that won't change. He's surprisingly slow for an athlete with his build.

For me, the bottom line is that I don't think JB will ever be an elite NFL QB, but that may end up being his greatest value. When it comes time for a new contract, he'll command a substantial raise, but not a bank breaking salary that forces a team to let other important parts of the team seek greener pastures elsewhere. Thus, we can keep the nucleus of this team together and continue to get stronger.
I'll admit that Brissett has been pleasant surprise so far. His 14-3 TD/INT ratio and a 65% completion rate are pluses and much better than expected. Luck, by the way, averaged less than 1 INT per game for his entire career, so he really wasn't INT prone either.

I still can't say that I trust Brissett to maintain this pace for the remainder of the year. Perhaps that's just my inherent bias against backup QBs who are suddenly thrust into the starting role - I just figure their weaknesses will eventually be exposed once the other teams get enough tape on them, and they'll eventually implode. I never really bought into Ballard's pre-season statements about Brissett being a "top 20" QB (which, when you think about it, really just means they thought he was the 20th best starting QB in the league, which itself isn't THAT great). The league hasn't figured him out so far, however, and he appears to be getting stronger.

In any event, Brissett's proven me wrong so far. Whatever his weaknesses, he's done the job better than expected. It's all made a little sweeter that we got him from NE as well, I must admit. Dorsett's played OK for them, but we got the better of that deal for sure.
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