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Originally Posted by AlwaysSunnyinIndy View Post
Agreed. The Colts defense has a ways to go to reach that type of level.
First thing that came to my mind was that Broncos team as well- great call. Peyton was not the Manning of old and that running game was very good and the D was flat out brilliant, probably the best since 85 Bears, at the very least right on par with the 13' Ravens.

Yes, undoubtedly we have a ways to go, and I'm not going to say we're on that level to where you can simply go three and out and say "F, it, they aren't moving the ball on these guys". However I think Ballard has put together some guys that are going to be a pretty fucking solid unit coming down the stretch.

We know we have an All-Pro LB (he will get it going...) and I really think the youngsters in Okereke and Speed are both going to prove to be very very good. Can one of them become Marshall to Leonard's Singletary- I think that is very realistic.

Twice today I heard Willis referred to in the vein of Bob Sanders by two different talking heads, Holder said that the guy has looked like the fastest and hardest hitting guy since camp started and said it's just a matter of time until he emerges as a star. Him and Hooker on the back end is pretty compelling. Ya-Sin- I think he has already started to show that in short order he is going to emerge as the sticky cover guy that can take a top guy off the table.

To reach the elite level we gotta get something more out of the DL- and maybe that happens by committee, we know that's the most glaring omission on this squad and has to be top priority in the off-season.

Most importantly, I heard Frank talking today about how much they mixed it up against KC. Talked about how we played a lot more press man coverage after playing a ton of zone against ATL and OAK. He said he thought that was a big factor in us getting a lot of pressure on Mahomes. What is so encouraging there- is just the statement that we mixed things up!

No more Chopping Wood (Pags), no more of we just have to do what we do (Dungy). Nope, in Frank we have a Belicheck, a guy that knows these coordinators n the other side are too good, you have to show them different looks and be the puncher not the counter puncher. I love that we have a coach that is game planning game by game by game, hell possession by possession, LOVE IT! So tired of seeing the same thing over and over and over and seeing the OC's pick us apart. And personally I think that puts us a hell of a lot closer to a title caliber team than having a stud QB and not much else.
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