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Originally Posted by ChoppedWood View Post
Something else that doesn't get any pub when there's all this talk of JB dumping dumping dumping. He's thrown two deep throws down the middle that have been huge PI's for Cain. I think the one in KC was the longest penalty in the NFL this year at 53 yards. That doesn't go to anyone's stat sheet but it's a big damn play coming off the arm of the QB.

I will say that I think it was Holder that said if he throws it a 1/2 tick earlier Cain was behind them and it's a certain 6 (assuming he catches it). Nonetheless, it's evidence he WILL throw it down the field- just need to see it more frequently with the set up by these D's that will be loading the box to try to stop the run.
If I recall correctly, Cain did not have his defenders beat on either occasion, and was actually double or triple covered both times. So I don't give credit to Brissett for the fact that we lucked out on getting PI penalties in those circumstances. That seems like playing with fire instead.
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