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Originally Posted by Coltsalr View Post
Cool idea and some great memories in there but Iíd quibble with some of the choices...

That was the best play he could find for Freeney? A lost effort in a lost season? I could say the same for Reggie but at least the play for him was something of a turning point in a season that did turn into a playoff one.

Iíd probably go the touchdown against the Pats in the AFCCG for Addai but no major issue there given how sick that play was. Iíll never forget watching that one freshman year of college in the dorms.

I suppose itís tough to find an individualized effort for Castonzo. Same can be said for Kelly/Nelson I suppose, though I feel like Iíve seen highlight plays from both that were of more note than the ones chosen for each of them respectively.

The play for Werner shouldíve been when he gave up on the NFL and flew back to Europe. I accept nothing else.

Yeah, thatís about as good as it got for Hughes/Dorsett, huh?
The greatest Addai play that nobody remembers is actually in a 2007 losing effort to the Pats, when he takes a swing pass just before the end of the half for 70+ yards and a TD.
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