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Originally Posted by Lov2fish View Post
Dipshit, I spray conversion coatings everyday. one of the most toxic chemical coatings available. My respirator system is not some shit you Joe Blow homeowners get at Home Depot. Again, none of the fucking shit you people put on your face to protect you from a virus with a 99.23% survival rate will even protect you from a common cold. But, hey, ya know, common sense is not a flower that grows in everyone's garden, especially your infertile patch of contaminated dirt.

I just know one of you two, or maybe both wear a mask in the shower, or home alone. I guarantee both you retarded fucks wear one in your car while driving, alone.

Right now, anyone who catches COVID-19 and dies from it will be a death that could be completely avoided. The only people who are dying in hospitals right now from Covid are those who are unvaccinated.

And I guess you must have an acceptable number of people who can die from this disease before youíre willing to do something about it. 600,000 American deaths in a proximately a year and a half. Thatís more Americans dying than the number of combat troops United States lost in both world wars.

And itís getting tougher on even the younger people in the communities. The new variant is fatal to people in their teens.

Oh and thereís the financial part of it. You can go unvaccinated get sick rack up a huge hospital bill if you survive, or you can get a free shot and avoid the entire experience.
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