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Originally Posted by WaynesWorld87 View Post
I just can't believe the Patriots are about to make a Super Bowl appearance where all they had to do was beat the fucking 9-7 Titans (who weren't even as good as their mediocre record indicated) and the fucking Jaguars who've sucked the previous 20 years. and the Jags aren't even that good this year. They're not a "legit" Super Bowl contender even a little bit.

Really, watching the Falcons/Eagles yesterday and Saints/Vikings today, the NFL as a whole is a joke this year. I judge an NFL team in any given season on whether or not I think they'd be a true Super Bowl contender in any given previous season. Most years there's never more than three or so of those teams (maybe four in a good year). This year, though, the only team I feel that way about is the Patriots. I felt that way about the Eagles with Wentz, but now that he's hurt the NFL is a joke. This is a REALLY weak year and it's going to lead to Tom Brady winning another ing with one of the easiest Super Bowl cakewalks of all-time.
The league lacks any real parity.

Everyone pretty much already knew New England was going to win another superbowl this year. The only question was whether or not Pittsburgh had taken the step to get over the hump with them. The product essentially sucks. People are watching it less because they already know how it's going to play out. College football is better anyway.

I really didn't like Pittsburgh to begin with, but I hate them for consistently getting their asses whooped by NE. At least Manning eventually figured them out.
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