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Brady is the luckiest son of a bitch ever to play the game.

Yes he had great stats in the 4th quarter and OT.

that ignores the fact 3 of those throws should have been EASILY intercepted by the Falcons. Not just the Edelman catch, but two others on that drive, throws it right to the Falcons and they drop it.

On top of the fact the obvious things : Matt Ryan snapping the ball with 15 seconds on the clock, throwing the ball in FG range up by 8.......Jesus Christ, how stupid can you be.

Every time Brady needs a play or something to go his way in a big game, it does. All the way back to the Tuck rule. I STILL, even knowing the rule, think that was a fumble. Then the two kicks in OT by Vinatieri. Goes on and on over his career. he's had bad to mediocre playoff games numerous times that they still won. SD playoff game, INT following by a fumble. Baltimore AFC championship, dropped pass and a missed chip shot FG. Seahawks SB, RUN THE BALL. This SB, RUN THE BALL AND THE CLOCK. Just so irritating how many times everything just falls his way.

The only time things DIDN"T go his way for once, they lost to the giants.

I hate the Falcons now, all there is to it, for blowing that game and giving Brady another gift of a SB win
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