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Default 37 Years After the Dolphins-Chargers Hook and Lateral ........


In the 1981 season divisional playoff game, one of the most famous plays ever occurred on the final play of the first half.

After falling behind by a score of 24-0, the Dolphins had Don Strock replace the struggling David Woodley at quarterback. The Floridians scored 10 straight points, and then were at the Chargers' 40 yardline with only seconds left to play in the first half. Strock threw a pass to Duriel Harris, who laterlaed the ball to Tony Nathan, who ran the ball into the endzone for a shocking touchdown.

A 24-0 laugher was suddenly a tight-24-17 playoff battle.

The Chargers would eventually win what would become an epic game in overtime by a score of 41-38, with Rolf Benirschke booting a 29-yard field goal through the uprights for the win.

37 years later, the Dolphins would again successfully complete a last-gasp hook-and-lateral on the final play of a half, but this time the memorable play was on the final play of the 4th quarter, and gave them the win over the heavily-favored New England Patriots.


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