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Spike 11-25-2018 02:58 PM

Early Games 11/25
Mayfield is shredding the Bungals. 21-0
Hiring Hue Jackson has really helped the Bungals.

Spike 11-25-2018 03:01 PM

I know how this shit ends, but the Jets are playing the Pats tough. 7-7 in the 2nd quarter. Of course 2 straight penalties on the Jets, right on cue.

Spike 11-25-2018 03:07 PM

Giants 12-3 over the Eagles. Fucking Eagles have fallen off the cliff.

Spike 11-25-2018 03:10 PM

How does Marvin Lewis still have a job?

Spike 11-25-2018 03:21 PM

LOL, Browns kicking the shit out of the Bungles. 28-0. Browns finally have a QB!

Spike 11-25-2018 03:32 PM

Jets and Patsies tied at 10.

Spike 11-25-2018 04:01 PM

Mayfield with his 4th TD pass. Browns are destroying the Bungles.

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