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Brylok 03-08-2019 01:37 PM

Donald Trump hosted a super bowl party and among his guests was the owner of the "spa" that Bob Kraft got busted in. What a coincidence. Criminal sex-trafficing ring will probably be the next shoe to drop


KamWARF 08-04-2019 01:17 AM

Robert Kraft Prostitution Bust
If found guilty the NFL will make him sell his team. My guess would be MLS will buy out the franchise from Robert Kraft similliarly to what they did with Chivas USA. If the football and soccer teams go to different owners, maybe rent will be charged. Kraft could also just possibly forced to sell the team and keep ownership of the stadium and the complex he built around it in Foxborough and charge the Patriots and REVS huge rent to play there. This could be huge for the REVS if they get new ownership they can go try and get a stadium deal done in Boston, Providence, or Hartford.

Racehorse 08-04-2019 08:52 AM

Did C&O's little brother join the forum? ^^^

Colts And Orioles 08-10-2019 06:14 PM


Originally Posted by Racehorse (Post 125050)

Did C&O's little brother join the forum? ^^^



I'm the youngest of 4 kids in my family.


Colts And Orioles 12-28-2019 03:10 PM


Originally Posted by Brylok (Post 110308)

Patriots owner and renowned douchebag Robert Kraft has apparently been arrested for soliciting prostitutes in some dive joint in Jupiter, Florida ........ stay classy, Mass-holes!




Robert Kraft Could Face Felony Charge in Prostitution Case

(By Joseph Wilkinson)


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